eChalk is an Alert App that can be installed on an Apple and Android cell phone. IS 171 uses the eChalk App to send you alerts. It may be necessary to close the school  because of last minute safety or health issues. Do not send your child to school in the morning without checking the eChalk App on your cell phone . If school is closed parents must make arrangement for his or her child to stay home

Meet the Candidates Running for Your Citywide Education Council

Middle School Student Success Center

Ms. Griffith

Mr. Skelton

Ms. Otero

Ms. Hildago

Ms. Ortega-Peterson

Ms. Udo

Ms. JB Ellis

Ms. Pardo

Ms. Depalo

Ms. Rodriquez


Ms. Burnett Pearl

Ms. Franks

Mr. Veras

Ms. Felix

Ms. Molina

Mr. Pechekly

Ms. Del La Cruz

Ms. McHugh

Ms. Cannella

Ms. Braxton